Abbreviations used in measurement

Abbreviations used in measurement

I can correctly use abbreviations used in math.

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Abbreviations used in measurement

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Students will practice spelling abbreviations used in math. They will be instructed on the capitalization and punctuation rules as they relate to these abbreviations.



Learning objective

Students will be able to correctly use abbreviations related to math.


The students will engage in a discussion of when they have used abbreviations in the past. They will share their ideas with the class about their previous use of abbreviations. Examples are given such as labeling the states on a map or writing the name of their teacher using Mrs.


The lesson covers the abbreviations used for length, weight, volume, and telling time. Students will learn the rules of capitalization and punctuation used with math abbreviations. They are instructed on the use of both standard and metric abbreviations. After discussing the various abbreviations, students will have opportunities to practice using them. Activities include matching terms by drawing a line and dragging snails to a finish line. Time Trivia quizzes them on their understanding of time increments as well as the abbreviations. A picture matching activity challenges students to demonstrate their knowledge of measurements as they pertain to volume.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will compete on two teams completing a Gynzy Game Show. The board contains 5 categories to review their knowledge of abbreviations used in math.

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