elementary school children using clocks and timers on a smartboard

Teaching Clocks: Digital Tools for Your Classroom

Create interactive lessons that are fun and effective.

Teaching clocks from Gynzy

Understanding and learning to tell time is a fundamental part of a child’s education. Our teaching clock tools are here to make this learning process intuitive and engaging!

Dive into how online clocks for teaching can be the key to unlocking a world of timely understanding in your classroom.

Adjustable Analog Clock

Our analog clock is flexible and designed for use alone or as part of any lesson.

Manually set the time to illustrate a point, demonstrate time differences, or help students understand the length of time between events.

adjustable analog clock
adjustable digital clock

Adjustable Digital Clock

This digital clock can be manipulated to show any time you need, helping students become familiar with the digital representation of time.

It's a perfect tool for teaching both the 12-hour and 24-hour formats and for explaining how digital time is read in various contexts.

Instruction Clock

The instruction clock is an interactive teaching aid that allows you to set up specific time-related exercises.

Customize and display different clocks side-by-side and guide students through the process of learning hours, minutes, and seconds in all their forms.

instruction clock
day and night clock

Day and Night Clock

Understanding the concept of day and night and how it relates to time is fundamental.

Our day and night clock helps children visualize the 24-hour cycle and learn the difference between AM and PM times, which is important for developing a sense of daily rhythm.

The importance of interactive teaching clocks

Grasping the concept of time is a crucial skill that connects academic learning to everyday life. 

With online tools that are designed for use on an interactive whiteboard or similar display, it’s simple to start transforming your time-telling lessons.

Using a variety of interactive teaching clocks can make it easy to provide a hands-on approach to mastering this skill. It’s not just telling time; it’s setting the foundation for critical thinking, time management, and mathematical reasoning, too.

lesson clock

How to use teaching clocks in the classroom

Our clock tools are versatile teaching aids that can enrich your daily classroom activities in many ways.

Telling stories: The adjustable analog clock acts as your storytelling companion. Show time passing in your narratives and make the abstract concept of time a tangible part of your story.

Math lessons: Use various clock configurations to teach counting, calculate differences between times, and understand schedules—real-world skills that are essential for young learners.

Everyday practice: Display countdowns for activities, highlight significant times of the day, and reinforce the understanding of time through regular, practical application.