Gynzy Academy

Professional Development sessions open to every teacher

Whether you are new to Gynzy or an experienced user, there is always more to learn about the application. Our experts have developed an online training program tailored for teachers that want to engage and motivate their students, either in the classroom or remotely.

Teachers are always under pressure to do more with limited time. These learning sessions are designed to help teachers save time creating lesson materials so they can have more time to really teach. Each session is under an hour, at a convenient time, and features a Q&A session if desired. Register now for one of the sessions and earn your Gynzy proficiency badges!

Topics covered

In the Introduction to Gynzy session, you will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Gynzy library.
  • Use the Gynzy whiteboard.
  • Create your own engaging lessons.
  • Search for pre-made lessons, activities, widgets, and games that will be most useful for you.
  • Organize your lessons into folders and add favorites.
  • Adapt to online learning with Gynzy (using Google Meet, Zoom, and Google Classroom).
  • Collaborate with colleagues on lessons.

After the session, you will have a chance to earn the Certified Gynzy Professional badge! Just complete a short assessment on topics covered in the training.

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