With this new Timed Flash Cards tool, you can create a set of words or math problems to flash and cycle through on your Gynzy board. This tool is timed to add an interactive element that will challenge students and keep them engaged in the material.

This tool gives students another way to practice mental math, recognize letters, and memorize new words. You set how many words or problems the tool should cycle through, and how long it should stay on each challenge before moving to the new one.

Example of sight words in the new flash tool.

How does it work?

The tool opens with the settings screen. Here you can fill in your own list or edit an already entered list. This can be text or math problems. The tool will remember the last completed list.


Entering words or sentences

You can enter word lists by placing each word or sentence on a new line in the input field.

text list flash tool

Add a list of words in the ‘text’ option.

Entering math problems

When entering math problems, you place each problem on a new line, without the = sign and the solution.

Calculations list

Add math problems in the ‘Calculations’ option.


Tip: Do you want to save multiple lists or share them with a colleague? Then save the completed Flash as a lesson.


Customizing the tool to fit student needs

tool settings

Edit the tool settings for the timing, control and order of cards.

This tool can be used in a variety of ways. You can set it so that the words or problems cycle through automatically, or you can cycle through manually. When set to automatic, you can have the tool move through the list in the order you entered it, or you can have it randomize which challenge appears next. Once it begins cycling through, you can pause the tool at any time.


Curious about the new Flash tool?


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Transitioning to the new Gynzy

Learn all about the developments

You will find this tool in our new Library. It may take you some time to get adjusted to this new environment, but we encourage you to take a look because the new Flash-free Gynzy is easier to use particularly in an online learning environment. And we are here to help you make the transition – in this article , we’ll tell you what you need to know about transitioning from the old to the new Gynzy.

Do you want to take a look right away? Click here for a tour of the new board and all of the features it offers. And please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.