World Map

View the world map and zoom in on specific locations.

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World Map

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Use this tool to display a World Map on the board where you can zoom in on specific locations. You can also search by name or coordinates, and place a marker. In addition to the standard map, you can also select a satellite map to discover the world.


Open the World Map to add it to the board. Resize the tool from the bottom right corner.
Zoom in on the map using the plus and minus buttons or use a pinching motion with two fingers. Drag the map to discover new locations using the mouse or your fingers.
If you are looking for a specific location and want to set a marker, you can use the search function. You can enter the name of a place or the coordinates in latitude and longitude.


Map type:
- Select the type of map: Default or Satellite.

- Show or hide the place names on the map.
- Show or hide the search bar of the tool.

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