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Add 1 or more videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your lesson by adding the links to this tool. When you have added more than 1 video, this tool turns into a video playlist. You can manage your own collection of videos you use in your lessons or use often. You can also have videos play 1 after the other.


The tool opens to the settings screen where you can add the YouTube or Vimeo links. Below the bar where you add video URLs, you see an overview of the added videos. When you add multiple video URLs, you have the option to modify the order by dragging them in the overview.

Advanced Options

With YouTube videos, it is possible to modify the start and end times of the video. The easiest way to do so is to stop the video where you want the video to start, and then click the “Share” button in YouTube, which allows you to select the start time and then copy the URL. Alternatively, you can add the “t=..." parameter to the end of the URL of the video. An example would be this: When you add this URL to your video player, the video starts at 33 seconds.

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