Traffic & Transport (Level 2)

Traffic & Transport (Level 2)

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Traffic & Transport (Level 2)

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Expanded Essential Vocabulary

Building on foundational knowledge, students learn additional key terms related to traffic and transport, such as specific types of roads, vehicles, and basic parts of a car, broadening their descriptive capabilities.

Contextual and Visual Learning

Students enhance their learning through visual aids and contextual exercises that connect new words to real-life traffic scenarios, improving retention and understanding.

Interactive Learning Methods

Using games like Hangman and Simon Says, students reinforce their new vocabulary in a fun and engaging way, promoting active learning and retention.

Build confidence in English

Start by expanding vocabulary knowledge in thematic clusters, then move on to place the vocabulary in context. By providing a rich visual setting, students build a foundation of English-language vocabulary.

Engage students by having them come to the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate their new knowledge!

Traffic & Transport
Vocabulary Flash Cards

Vocabulary includes:

  • traffic: transport, pedestrian, driver, traffic jam
  • street: sidewalk, roundabout, traffic light, lamppost, pedestrian crossing, motorway, traffic sign, crossroad
  • car: steering wheel, wheel, seatbelt, car park
  • truck
  • bicycle: bicycle path
  • bus: bus driver, bus stop
  • train: conductor, railway station, engine-driver, rails
  • boat
  • plane
  • motorcycle
  • tram
  • underground
  • taxi
  • emergency service: accident, ambulance, fire truck, police car, police officer

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