Traffic & Transport (Level 1)

Traffic & Transport (Level 1)

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Traffic & Transport (Level 1)

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Basic Traffic and Transport Vocabulary

Students are introduced to basic vocabulary related to traffic and transport, setting a foundation for further learning in this essential real-life topic.

Introduction to Practical Language Use

Learners start using their new vocabulary in simple sentences and common phrases, helping them begin to navigate the world of traffic and transport in English.

Engaging and Interactive Introduction

The use of interactive games and simple puzzles introduces new words in a memorable and enjoyable way, ensuring that beginners grasp the basic concepts effectively.

Build confidence in English

Start by expanding vocabulary knowledge in thematic clusters, then move on to place the vocabulary in context. By providing a rich visual setting, students build a foundation of English-language vocabulary.

Engage students by having them come to the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate their new knowledge!

Traffic & Transport
Vocabulary Flash Cards

Vocabulary includes:

  • traffic
  • street: sidewalk, roundabout
  • car
  • truck
  • bicycle
  • bus
  • train
  • boat
  • plane

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