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The Gynzy text-to-speech tool makes it easy for you to enter your own text that our Interactive Whiteboard software will translate into clear speech for your students.


The ability to turn text into speech can help engage the students in your classroom. Having the ability to customize text to be read as speech is critical for students who are not confident in their reading yet. The text-to-speech tool can also be a great way for students to edit their own writing, by hearing how it would sound read aloud.

This tool also accommodates the needs of visually-challenged students. Gynzy is connected to both Google and YouTube, making it easy to access audio and video files that can be used in conjunction with the text-to-speech tool and other Gynzy lessons and activities.

To enter text, simply click on the gear icon on the bottom left of the tool. Here, you’ll be able to type or paste the text you’d like to hear. You can also choose a color for the tool. Once you’re done, click “Save.” You’ll notice the tool darken, and you can click on it to hear the text being read aloud.

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About Gynzy

Gynzy is an online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools.

With a focus on elementary education, Gynzy’s Whiteboard, digital tools, and activities make it easy for teachers to save time building lessons, increase student engagement, and make classroom management more efficient.

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