Table Maker

Display data in a simple table.

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Table Maker

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With this tool, you can easily create a table. Determine the number of rows and columns, and the type of table you want to make.


To move the table around, click and drag the empty space around the perimeter of the table. To add more rows and columns, click and drag the buttons on the center-right side and bottom of the table. You can place text in any cell. You can format this content by using the text formatting bar at the bottom of the screen. Use the resizing icon on the bottom right corner of the table to resize it.


In the settings (the gear icon ⚙) you can set the following options:

Number of rows and columns
Instead of dragging the sides of the table, you can also set the number of rows and columns here.

Table options
• Ratio table: The outer edge around the table is hidden.
• Total row: A double border is shown above the bottom row.
• Invisible table: All edges of the table are hidden (when you are not editing the table).

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