Number Bonds

Number Bonds

A fun tool to practice composing to 10 or 20!

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Number Bonds

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Number Bonds to 10

With this interactive tool, students practice composing to 10 or 20 by dragging the correct number to complete the heart shape.

A smartboard tool that teaches kindergarten students about composing the number 10
An example of a correctly composed number 10 using a smartboard tool

Using Number Bonds for Kindergarten

Students go through a series of exercises to practice composing to 10 or 20. The tool includes fun animations and sounds to keep students engaged! You will see a bar at the top of the screen indicating how many problems have been completed. In the top left corner, you will be able to click on the audio button to turn the sound on or off. If you choose to enable sound, a short melody will play for each right or wrong answer. Once you have completed all exercises, the tool will display the number of problems that were answered correctly and incorrectly, and you will have the option to play again.

In the settings menu, you can choose to compose to either 10 or 20. You can also choose to display from 2 to 11 answer choices. Finally, you can choose if students will respond to 10, 20, or an infinite number of problems. Note that choosing an infinite number of problems will eliminate the bar at the top of the screen.

Use the “Reset” button to restart the exercises with new problems.

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