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Randomize and select student names from a list.

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Name Picker

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The Name Picker allows you to select student names at random. As the tool randomly selects a student name, it allows for a fair rotation of students being called on in class. You can utilize the Name Picker tool in different ways. For example, you can use it to help with taking turns, to assign a task, or to draw a random name.


After opening the name picker tool, select the groups from which you want to select student names. Then select the number of names you want visible (the default setting is 1 name).

The name picker will display random student names from the group(s) you’ve chosen. You will be able to click on the arrows to scroll to the next name. Click on the shuffle button to randomly shuffle the names and display a new name on the board.

You can also drag a name from the Name Picker onto the board. Use the reset button to return all of the names to the Name Picker.

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