Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Create a structured and interactive start to each day!

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Morning Routine

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Discuss the current month, day of the week, and practice writing the date. Use stickers and labels to mark holidays and upcoming special events.

Weather chart

Record the weather each day and track it with a bar chart. At the end of the month, look back at the weather you’ve had and discuss how it matches the season.

Number of the day

Teach students how to work with place value. For example, count to the 100th day of school or choose a random number, then drag base ten blocks to match.

Establish your settings

Calendar: Indicate the first day of the week and set a default color for each day. Weather: Choose which weather types you want to show, e.g. sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, and stormy. Number of the Day: Determine how large numbers should be, e.g. ones, tens, or hundreds.

morning routine

Create your own routine

Now try using the different modules based on the needs of your classroom to make Morning Routine your own!

We recommend saving the tool to your favorites folder so it’s always within reach once your students are settled in.

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