Metric System

Metric System

Practice converting units of measurement.

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Metric System

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The tool provides an interactive and visual way to convert smaller and larger units of measurement in the metric system by moving right or left, and multiplying or dividing.


The first time you open the tool, you will be presented with the tool settings. After that, each time you open this tool, the last settings you’ve chosen will be remembered.

Unit of Measurement: Here, you’ll be able to choose between:
Length (km-mm)
Weight (kg-mg)
Volume in liters (kl-ml)
Area (km²-mm²)
Volume in cubic meters (km³-mm³)
Volume in liters and cubic meters (kl-ml)

Select the range to display for your unit of measurement:
Length: km - hm - dam - m - dm - cm - mm
Weight: kg - hg - dag - g - dg - cg - mg
Volume in liters: kl - hl - dal - l - dl - cl - ml
Area: km² - hm² - dam² - m² - dm² - cm² - mm²
Volume in cubic meters: km³ - hm³ - dam³ - m³ - dm³ - cm³ - mm³
Volume in liters and cubic meters: kl - hl - dal - l - dl - cl - ml

Choose if you would like the tool to be displayed as “Cascading” or “Horizontal.” Units are always presented from highest to lowest and from top to bottom for “Cascading.”

Choose if you would like to display the steps in between the different units. Otherwise, the steps appear only when interacting with the tool by clicking on each of the units.


Click on a unit of measurement to highlight it. Then when you click on another unit in the tool, all units in between are highlighted as well, and the steps between them are shown. For example, if km³ is selected first followed by dam³, hm³ will be highlighted and the calculations will be shown (x1,000).

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