Instruction Clock

Instruction Clock

A versatile instruction tool for teaching clocks and telling time.

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Instruction Clock

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With this tool, you can teach various aspects of both the digital and analog clock like telling time or calculating time difference. You can display 1 or 2 clocks, and choose if they are digital or analog. Each clock type has a set of available options to help teach important clock concepts. This tool can be used to teach a wide range of learning objectives. Use the tool to teach the functions of the clock hands, the relation between the digital and analog clock, calculating time difference, telling time with Roman numerals or no numerals at all, and more.


Use the 'new time' button to generate a random new time.
Either drag the analog clock hands or use the + and - buttons to change the time.


Access the settings using the gear icon (⚙) in the bottom left corner of the tool. In the settings, you can enable or disable any combination of the options below:

Analog clock
• Watch face: Numerals, Roman numerals, no numerals
• Hands: Hour hand, Minute hand, Second hand
• Extra options: Colored hands, Transparent hands, Areas past/to, Minutes on the border, 24-hour numerals, Colored numbers

Digital clock
• Options: 12-hour notation, 24-hour notation, colored hours and minutes

General options
These options apply to both clocks in the tool.
• Rounding time: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half hours, hours (the interval in which the time changes)
• Color preference: red for hours and blue for minutes, blue for hours and red for minutes

Teaching tips

• Use 2 analog or digital clocks to calculate the time difference.
• Set a time on 1 clock and ask students to set the second clock to a given added or subtracted time.

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