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The hourglass tool allows you to set a timer from anywhere between 1 to 60 minutes. As time passes, the sand actually moves through the hourglass, giving students a quick idea of how much time they have left to complete a presentation or assignment.

You can change the amount of time in the settings by clicking on the hourglass and selecting the gear icon on the bottom left. When time is up, the tool will make a sound. You can change this sound in the settings as well or choose to play no sound if you’d prefer. You can pause, play, and reset the timer using the buttons below the hourglass.

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About Gynzy

Gynzy is an online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools.

With a focus on elementary education, Gynzy’s Whiteboard, digital tools, and activities make it easy for teachers to save time building lessons, increase student engagement, and make classroom management more efficient.

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