Hot Seat: Animal Pantomime

Hot Seat: Animal Pantomime

Play a fun guessing game that the entire class will enjoy!

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Hot Seat: Animal Pantomime

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Get Students Moving

Your students will have a great time playing animal pantomime Hot Seat. Use it as an energizer, a drama activity, a theater game, a reward, or just for fun!

Practice Identifying Animals

Choose from 4 different games, with 30 different animals to act out and guess including horses, penguins, and sloths!

Interactive Tools

Make use of our digital tools throughout this activity. Easily keep score using the Scoreboard and keep track of time with the Timer.

Hot Seat Game

Students are split into 2 teams. One player from each team sits in the “hot seat” facing away from the board. A picture of an animal is displayed on the board as the rest of the class acts out the animals they see without making any sounds. The player who guesses the correct animal first scores a point for their team!


Customize the Game

Feel free to change it up and add your own images or words to the game. Use this as a drama game or theater activity, or use it to practice new vocabulary. The possibilities are endless. Make it your own!

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