A suite of advanced math tools for the interactive whiteboard.

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What is GeoGebra?

GeoGebra is a math app that makes learning algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics easier and more fun! As a Gynzy integration, GeoGebra offers easy-access math tools that enable you to draw, plot, and graph on the interactive whiteboard.

Use GeoGebra on the interactive whiteboard

  • Interactive visualization: Have students explore and manipulate mathematical concepts, making abstract ideas more concrete and understandable.
  • Real-time feedback: Provide immediate visual feedback as students interact with mathematical models, facilitating a deeper understanding through exploration and experimentation.
  • Collaborative learning: Have students work together on problems and share solutions to promote engagement and teamwork.

The online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools

  • Save time building lessons

  • Manage the classroom more efficiently

  • Increase student engagement

About Gynzy

Gynzy is an online teaching platform for interactive whiteboards and displays in schools.

With a focus on elementary education, Gynzy’s Whiteboard, digital tools, and activities make it easy for teachers to save time building lessons, increase student engagement, and make classroom management more efficient.

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