Family (Level 3)

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Family (Level 3)

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Comprehensive Vocabulary

Students deepen their vocabulary by revisiting words from previous levels and exploring new, more complex family-related terms, enhancing their ability to describe family relationships in English.

Singular and Plural Mastery

Learners are introduced to both singular and plural forms of family terms, allowing them to communicate more accurately and understand the nuances of English grammar.

Advanced Interaction

Through exercises that include sentence formation and solving puzzles using family vocabulary, students engage in more complex language use, preparing them for real-life conversations.

Build confidence in English

Start by expanding vocabulary knowledge in thematic clusters, then move on to place the vocabulary in context. By providing a rich visual setting, students build a foundation of English-language vocabulary.

Engage students by having them come to the interactive whiteboard to demonstrate their new knowledge!

Vocabulary Flash Cards

Vocabulary includes:

  • mother
  • father
  • grandmother
  • grandfather
  • brother
  • sister
  • baby
  • child
  • family
  • uncle
  • aunt
  • cousin
  • grandson
  • granddaughter
  • grandparents
  • parents
  • grandchild
  • son
  • daughter
  • twins
  • niece
  • nephew
  • toddler
  • teenager
  • adult
  • sibling
  • stepmother
  • stepfather
  • stepdaughter
  • stepson
  • oldest
  • youngest

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