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With this tool, students can practice how to read a calendar. It contains an annual and a monthly calendar that you can adjust to your preferences.


The tool opens with the yearly calendar with an overview of all months. At the top left, you'll see the year with 2 blue arrows with which you can browse to other years. Tap on a month to view that month's calendar. Now you can scroll through the months with the blue arrows. Use the Today button to return to today's calendar and the Year view button to leave the monthly calendar and return to the yearly calendar.

You can highlight or hide dates in the monthly calendar. You do this by using the 2 options, Highlight and Flip, below the calendar. The Highlight option will turn the days from white to orange when you click them (click again to change the date back to white). If you choose the Flip option, you can hide a date by clicking on it (click again to show the date).


In the Settings menu, you can adjust other display options of the calendar. Set the first day of the week (Saturday/Sunday/Monday). You can also customize the following calendar options:

Show dates: With this option, you can hide or unhide all dates. If you hide the dates, you can then make them visible 1 by 1 with the monthly calendar by clicking on a date with the “Flip” button.

Show international week numbers: Enable this to show the week numbers in the calendar.

Highlight current day: Enable this to show the current day on the calendar. The current day will be indicated with a green circle.

Show weekend days in a different color: With this option, you can make the weekend days light red.

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