Buying Items and Making Change

Buying Items and Making Change

Practice paying, making change, and determining change due.

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Buying Items and Making Change

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Practice paying, determining change due, and making change when purchasing something from a store. In this tool, it is assumed that the amount paid will be greater than the cost of the item, much like a real-world scenario.

Select an item to buy, then pay by dragging coins or bills to the box on the left. Determine how much change you should receive and drag the coins or bills required to the box on the right. Go to Settings to set your desired difficulty level or to select which coins or bills to use.


In the Settings menu, you can select the coins or bills with which you'd like to practice. You can also set a maximum price for the items listed. That means that you could, for example, use the tool to only show items that are 10 dollars or less. If you want whole dollar amounts to be shown without the decimal point (shown as `$`3 rather than `$`3.00), then select the option, “Whole dollars,” in Notation. Another option that you can select is that students are asked to make change using the fewest bills and coins.

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