Teaching Fractions Effectively with Interactive Whiteboard Tools

July 8, 2015
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Unlock the world of fractions for your students in a way that's both fun and educational, using your interactive whiteboard and Gynzy's dynamic tools!

Understanding fractions is crucial for your students' mathematical journey, and with Gynzy, you can turn this sometimes challenging topic into an engaging learning experience.

Explore a wealth of Math lessons, games, and activities in our Library, all accessible with your Gynzy account. Tailor these resources to fit your unique classroom needs and teaching style.

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Interactive Fraction Bars and Circles: A Visual Aid for Understanding

Our fraction bar tool allows you to visually break down fractions into various segments. Color these segments and challenge your students to identify the fraction represented. The 'check' button reveals the numerical fraction, providing instant feedback and reinforcing learning.

Fraction Bars

Introduce more fraction bars or switch to our fraction circle tool to compare and contrast different fractions. These visual aids make understanding fractions more intuitive and less intimidating for your students.

Fraction Circles

Bringing Fractions to Life with Everyday Objects

We understand that fractions can be an abstract concept for students. That's why our lessons incorporate everyday items like eggs and marbles to make fractions tangible and relatable. Starting with concrete examples, we gradually guide students towards more abstract understanding, using word problems and real-life scenarios, like determining the colors of horses, to apply their knowledge.

Engaging Fraction Games: Learning Through Play

Our 'Fraction Flags' game transforms fractions into a colorful and interactive challenge. Students fill a grid with colors based on given fractions, blending art with math to strengthen their understanding.

Fraction Flags game

'Bubble: Fraction' is another hit, where students match bubbles to the correct fraction. Each correct answer grows the bubble, adding a fun twist to the challenge.

These games are designed to make fractions approachable and enjoyable, helping your students build confidence in their skills.

Empower your teaching with Gynzy – where learning fractions becomes a journey filled with discovery and joy, perfectly aligned with your goal of happy, successful students!

About the author Michael Wickham
Michael Wickham
Michael is passionate about elementary education and the role of interactive whiteboards as a teaching resource in the classroom.

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