Teach Fractions Using Your Interactive Whiteboard

July 8, 2015
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Students need to know their fractions, so they can solve more difficult mathematical problems in the future. With Gynzy, you can use your interactive whiteboard to make this process easier and more fun!

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Check if students understand the concept with Fraction Bars and Circles

The fraction bar tool offers you the possibility to divide the fraction bar into different amount of fractions. Fill the amount of fractions you want with a solid color. Let the students answer what fraction the bar represents. You can press the ‘check’ button on the right-hand side of the bar to display the numerical representation of the fraction.

Fraction Bars

Add some more fraction bars to show differences between several fractions. The fraction circle tool works in the same manner, but obviously with a circle instead of a bar.

Fraction Circles

Use everyday objects to help students visualize fractions.

Fractions can be difficult for students to visualize, so it is helpful to use everyday objects to help students visualize the concept. This lesson on calculating fractions as part of a whole, for example, has students count eggs and marbles to make the idea of fractions more concrete. It then moves to a more abstract discussion of fractions where students are shown how to determine a fraction of a given number. To reinforce this concept, a word problem involving the colors of horses is included so students can test their knowledge.

Play Games about Fractions.

Gynzy offers two popular fraction games to help students reinforce these skills. Fraction flags is a fun game where students are given a 4×4 square and a set of fractions to color in a certain color. For example, color one half of the grid light blue, and one fourth orange and dark blue.

Fraction Flags game

This is a fun way for students to become comfortable interpreting basic fractions in a way that is fun and interactive!

Our other fraction game is Bubble: Fraction, where users try to drag a bubble to the correct visualization of the fraction displayed. With each correct answer, the bubble gets larger, increasing the challenge and reinforcing students comfort with fractions.

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