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Liven up your classroom with Gynzy's smartboard games & activities

March 27, 2023
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Looking for a fun and interactive way to help your students learn? Gynzy's smart board games are here for you! We have dozens of games and activities for your interactive whiteboard—both pre-made and customizable. Try one of them today!

Classroom Quiz

Classroom quiz
Gynzy Classroom Quiz (like Kahoot)

Host live quizzes in the classroom! 

You can build a quiz from scratch, use a pre-made template, or let AI generate questions on any topic. 

With Classroom Quiz it’s easier than ever to add interactive quizzing to your lessons.

Open Question

Open question
Gynzy Open Question

Collect feedback from your class!

Open Question enables you to ask questions to students and display answers on the smartboard. 

Use it to assess prior knowledge, start a discussion, or anything else you can think of!

Celebrate birthdays with smartboard activities

Students using a birthday cake tool on a classroom smart board
Gynzy Birthday Cake tool

Birthdays are such a special day for your students, and now there are new ways to celebrate! We have a completely customizable activity for birthdays: Birthday Cake. It is much-loved by teachers and kids alike – and you'll soon see why!

Learn and compete with Memory

Two students competing in an online Memory game in class
Play Memory on the interactive whiteboard

Who hasn't grown up playing Memory? That's why we have created this online version, ready for you to fill with your own images. Of course, we know how busy teachers are, so we've also created pre-filled games for you. Here are some examples:

Quick activities to boost learning

Seeing something on the interactive whiteboard can really help kids' understanding. Whatever their age or the subject. So whether you're working on addition in your kindergarten, explaining which items float in water, or working on 3-dimensional spaces, Gynzy has the activity for you! New ones are added all the time, so be sure to check for new activities regularly.

Games to fill the gap in your day

No matter how well you plan your day, as an elementary teacher you know that anything can happen. That's why we have devised tons of games for you to fill a quiet moment, liven up your classroom and reactivate your students. All you need is an interactive whiteboard or digital display—and Gynzy!

Game shows: exciting & fun!

kid point in the class
Gynzy Game Show (like Jeopardy)

Game shows are perfect for all ages. While we currently offer the customizable Gynzy Game Show template for you to tailor to a topic of your choosing, it's very user-friendly and adaptable to any subject. Get creative and design your own game show based on your preferences and needs!

Save the Robot

Students play a digital version of Hangman, called Save the Robot, in Gynzy)
Gynzy's Save the Robot (like Hangman)

Considering the sensitivities around the traditional 'hangman' game, we've renamed and reimagined it as 'Save the Robot'. It's timed, ensuring an engaging classroom experience. Currently, we offer a customizable 'Save the Robot' template, which you can tailor to any theme or subject of your choice. Dive in and design a game that resonates with your students

Bingo: the smart board edition

Bingo on digital whiteboard
Play a custom Bingo game

Don't you just love a game of Bingo?! It's interactive, lively and anyone can join in. At Gynzy, we can't get enough of it either, and that is why we've created some great Bingo games for you. A great way to get students re-engaged on a long school day.

Feel free to create your own Bingo board using your class's current curriculum with our empty Bingo template or the empty Picture Bingo template.

Let Gynzy transform your classroom

We know how busy teachers are, which is why we support you with our games, activities, and many other tools for your interactive smartboard. So you can save time building your lesson plans, increase student engagement, and make classroom management even more efficient.

To welcome you to Gynzy, our games and activities are free to try right now!

About the author Coraline Reeder
Coraline is a bi-lingual Gynzy enthusiast who is always ready for a smartboard game of Save the Robot!

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