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Gynzy is a young company with a team of enthusiastic and experienced people who are there for you as a teacher. We really listen to all your comments and process your feedback immediately in our tools.

Please meet the entire team below.

Alfred Sengers
Alfred SengersFinance Controller
Anke van der Velden
Anke van der VeldenContent Marketeer
Annelies Brouwer
Annelies BrouwerBuddy
Arie de Bonth
Arie de BonthSoftware Developer
Babet Moors
Babet MoorsBuddy
Bart van Hooft
Bart van HooftSoftware Developer
Carolyn Mooney
Carolyn MooneyTranslator
Chantal Westenberg
Chantal WestenbergIllustrator & Dreamer
Daniel Genis
Daniel GenisDevOps Engineer
Dirk Huijssoon
Dirk HuijssoonBuddy
Daan Hurkens
Daan Hurkens Inside Sales Specialist
Duncan Kooyman
Duncan KooymanWeb Developer
Dwayne Hanekamp
Dwayne HanekampSoftware Developer
Efiël Verwegen
Efiël VerwegenSchool Support Specialist
Frank Koenders
Frank KoendersSoftware Developer
Hannah van Beek
Hannah van BeekBuddy
Hein Wittgen
Hein WittgenEducation Advisor
Hester Buesseler
Hester BuesselerEducational Content Creator / Translator
Inge Kwanten
Inge KwantenFinance Specialist
Iris de Peuter
Iris de PeuterBuddy
Isabel van de Wiel
Isabel van de WielBuddy
Jeroen Bell
Jeroen BellSoftware Developer
Joël Luijmes
Joël LuijmesSoftware Developer
Johan van der Laak
Johan van der LaakSoftware Developer
Joke Kemps
Joke KempsSchool Happiness Dean
Jorieke Willems
Jorieke WillemsEducationalist
Judith Krijgsman
Judith KrijgsmanCustomer Success Lead
Justin Mol
Justin MolSoftware Developer
Kirley Schreurs
Kirley SchreursEducational Content Creator
Koen Geluk
Koen GelukProduct Dean | Partnerships
Koen Sengers
Koen SengersSoftware Developer
Kurt Vandebroek
Kurt VandebroekCOO Gynzy US
Lauret Golbach
Lauret GolbachBuddy
Linda Beestman
Linda BeestmanEducationalist
Lisette Santiago
Lisette SantiagoContent Guru
Manon Beuker
Manon BeukerBuddy
Mart Reuling
Mart Reuling Software Tester
Martijn Lenderink
Martijn LenderinkSoftware Developer
Martine Alting
Martine AltingBuddy
Matthijs Bloemendal
Matthijs BloemendalSoftware Developer
Mathijs Peerlings
Mathijs PeerlingsFrontend Developer
Michiel Rheiter
Michiel RheiterUX Designer
Mieke Heuvels
Mieke HeuvelsEducationalist
Mila Abrahamse
Mila AbrahamseBuddy
Mimi Eliscu
Mimi EliscuCustomer Support Specialist
Nathalie Habets
Nathalie HabetsBuddy
Nick Lubbers
Nick LubbersMathematician
Nick SanGiacomo
Nick SanGiacomoContent Marketing Specialist
Nidia van Gent
Nidia van GentSchool Support Specialist
Nienke Laagland
Nienke LaaglandBuddy
Pieter J. Smits
Pieter J. SmitsProduct Strategist | Educationalist
Ralf Schimmel
Ralf SchimmelTechnology Dean
Rutger Peters
Rutger PetersFounder & Company Dean
Ruud van de Laar
Ruud van de LaarSoftware Developer
Sjors Stassen
Sjors StassenEducational Content Creator
Sjoerd Groot
Sjoerd Groot Marketing Lead
Stef Louwers
Stef LouwersSoftware Developer
Tanja van den Tillaart
Tanja van den TillaartBuddy
Tom Akkermans
Tom AkkermansSchool & Content Support
Vivian Chang
Vivian ChangContent Guru
Ward de Groot
Ward de GrootUX designer
Wouter van den Borne
Wouter van den BorneContent Manager
Yvonne Beunders
Yvonne BeundersEducationalist
If you are interested in joining us, please have a look at our job openings.
De verwerkingssoftware van Gynzy is mede mogelijk gemaakt door:
Annika Kuijt
Annika KuijtAuteur
Cliff de Rauw
Cliff de RauwAuthor
Daniëlle Oosterman
Daniëlle OostermanAuteur
Dimara Hermens
Dimara HermensAuteur
Dirk van de Rijt
Dirk van de RijtAuteur
Irma Sprangers
Irma SprangersAuteur
Karlijn Jansen
Karlijn JansenAuteur
Kirsten de Mönnink
Kirsten de MönninkAuthor
Lianne Groen
Lianne GroenAuteur
Lisa Habermehl
Lisa HabermehlAuteur
Lisa van den Wildenberg
Lisa van den WildenbergAuteur
Liselot Hamels
Liselot HamelsAuteur
Marjanne Goossens
Marjanne GoossensAuteur
Mirre Dollekens
Mirre DollekensAuteur
Sophie Verheijen
Sophie VerheijenAuteur
Susanne Hagelaar
Susanne HagelaarAuthor