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Video Tutorials of the New Gynzy

Explore the new Gynzy!

Explore the new board to discover why so many teachers rely on Gynzy to deliver lessons to their students, whether in-class or online.

Using Tools and Widgets

Did you know the new Gynzy lets you “favorite” tools so you can access them from the board at any time? Learn more in this tutorial!

Creating and Saving Lessons

With Gynzy, you can customize our lessons or create your own from scratch, then easily save them to your profile to access later.

Focusing on Classroom Management

This video provides a few strategies for using Gynzy to help manage student behavior and expectations, whether in a classroom or online learning environment.

Take a tour

Learn to navigate Gynzy and discover the possibilities our tools and widgets offer for enriching your lessons and making them interactive. This lesson shows you the possibilities of the board step-by-step and indicates where the most important features can be found.

Show me around!