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Video Tutorials of the New Gynzy

Deliver Engaging Lessons with Gynzy

Gynzy gives educators the tools they need to create and deliver engaging lessons, whether class takes place in-person or online.

Tour the Gynzy Library

The Gynzy Library has multiple filters that educators can use to find the content they need, whether you are customizing our lessons or using them as is.

Create Custom Lessons with Gynzy

Learn how to create custom Gynzy lessons, either from scratch or by editing our existing lessons, with the tools and widgets available on our whiteboard.

Saving and Sharing Lessons

Once you’ve found or created lessons that fit the needs of your classroom, save them to your Gynzy profile and begin sharing them with students.

Take a tour

Learn to navigate Gynzy and discover the possibilities our tools and widgets offer for enriching your lessons and making them interactive. This lesson shows you the possibilities of the board step-by-step and indicates where the most important features can be found.

Show me around!