Classroom Management Tools for Your Interactive Whiteboard

Access helpful tools and widgets right from your online whiteboard to keep your class on schedule.

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Classroom management tools help keep your students on schedule and help keep you organized, so that you can spend more time teaching. It’s important that these tools are easy to access and use, however, so that you can reduce back-and-forth between different tools that interrupt the flow of class. 

Gynzy offers helpful class management tools & widgets such as:

By using the Gynzy online whiteboard, you can add all these tools and widgets to your Favorites tab for easy access while you teach (try customizing one of our pre-made lessons). Best of all, Gynzy works as well for online learning as it does on the interactive whiteboard at the front of your classroom. 

To get started, create a Gynzy account and begin exploring our Library today.

It is a great tool to use with my whiteboard and with distance learning.

Carol Collack, Frank Kim Elementary, Nevada

Gynzy is an innovative website that ensures and increases student engagement. Gynzy helps the teacher design effective, engaging, and most importantly, standards-based lessons that are visually appealing, with tangible tools that foster learning and discovery for students.

Amy Johnson-Walker, 2nd & 3rd Grade ICT Special Education Teacher, NYC Teaching Fellow

The new Gynzy is an amazing tool for teaching essential standards at home. I really appreciate the design format of the lessons. They include can-do statements and spark engagement through connecting to background knowledge and how the new information applies to the child!

Kendra Jergovic, 1st Grade Teacher, Peshastin-Dryden Elementary, Washington

Gynzy has everything at my fingertips + it’s easy to create lessons using the tools available!

Sherri M., 5/6 Social Studies, R.L. Wright Elementary, Kansas

Gynzy has been a very useful tool and I’m very happy with the lessons.

Mrs. M. Casarez, Kindergarten Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy, Texas

I particularly like that it is interactive, and that it covers multiple subjects, skills, and strategies.

Terri Shonerd, Special Education Teacher, Virginia

I am so excited. You have a fabulous program.
I teach reading and math interventions for grades K, 1, and 2 and your resources will be out of this world for the students in my classes. I will be able to make amazing progress with each child using the things I have looked at so far. Thank you.

Jill Wheeler, Findlay Elementary School

I love Gynzy and my kids are so much more engaged. 👍

Anonymous Teacher, MILA Elementary, Florida

Lay Out Your Classroom with the Classroom Seating Chart

Keeping track of student names and seating can be a hassle for substitute teachers, at the beginning of a new school year, and especially for teachers who teach multiple classes. With the classroom floor plan creator from Gynzy, you can easily design and re-create your classroom layout to help keep your classroom in order.

Once you’ve created a Gynzy account, you can begin building your classroom by selecting furniture from the image picker that will appear on the left side of your online whiteboard. Once you’ve re-created your classroom (or imagined a potential new layout), you can add your students to the student manager (you can also synchronize your class rosters from Google Classroom) to assign seats for your class.

Keep Your Class on Schedule with Gynzy

No matter what grade you teach or how many students you have, it’s important to keep your class on schedule so you can get to everything you have planned. The class schedule tool lets you do this right from your whiteboard so that you can check your schedule without disrupting the flow of your lesson. 

You can open or hide the class schedule at any time from the Gynzy whiteboard. To do so, click the options setting, enable the class schedule, navigate to the schedule tools and begin planning your day.

Class Schedule gif

Control Class Volume from Your Interactive Whiteboard

Although every teacher may run their class a bit differently, students need clear instruction to understand how they should behave in the classroom. Our traffic light tool lets you control the pace of your classroom simply by pressing the color you’d like the Traffic Light to display. What the different colors signify in your class is up to you.

Here is one way you could assign colors for the Traffic Light in your classroom:

  • Red means no talking or leaving your seat without raising your hand and asking
  • Yellow means use your inside voice, or begin wrapping up a test or project
  • Green means you can move about the classroom and speak at a normal volume

The voice level tool gives you another interactive, customizable visual cue with which to manage the behavior of your students. How many volume levels do you want your students to be aware of? When do you want them to be used? All of this is customizable from the tool’s settings, or the gear icon that appears on the bottom-left of the tool when you click it.

You can set anywhere between two and six settings for the volume of the classroom. You are also able to name the levels whatever you would like, or choose to hide the name of the different settings entirely. 

As with the rest of our tools, images, and widgets, the Traffic Light and Voice Level tool can be locked into place and shown on all pages in your lesson.  Experiment to see what works for your class!

Keep Students on Time with Clocks and Timers

Class must be kept moving at a steady pace, and students will need to develop the ability to tell and keep time at an early point in their lives. This is where Gynzy’s interactive clocks and timers are useful.

The hourglass tool is a memorable way to track time. Through the settings on the bottom-left of the tool, you can set the time of the hourglass from anywhere to one to sixty minutes. You can also adjust the noise the hourglass makes when time is up.

Hourglass for Your Interactive Whiteboard

The hourglass is a great option particularly for younger students who are not comfortable reading a clock yet, because the sand drops from the hourglass in real time. Try it out to see for yourself!

The analog timer is another way to track short amounts of time for tests, presentations, and other activities. It can also be set anywhere from one to sixty minutes, and the buzzer sound can be adjusted too.

These tools are helpful for timing shorter, more specialized activities. But they’re most useful when paired with either our analog clock or digital clock so that you can keep time on schedule throughout the day.

Save Time with Gynzy Classroom Management Tools

Managing student behavior may not be the most fun aspect of teaching, but it is essential to keeping class on schedule. Classroom management tools from Gynzy make this easier than ever, so that you can spend more time interacting with students. 

If you haven’t already done so, visit our Library to explore the many lessons, classroom activities, tools, and features which make it such a valuable teaching software for your Interactive Whiteboard.