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What kind of business is Gynzy?

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We are Gynzy and we develop digital learning materials like interactive whiteboard software for K-12 education. We do this by closely listening to your feedback so that we can equip you with the right tools to be the best teacher. On a daily basis, tens of thousands of teachers and students happily use our innovative solutions. At our offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and Brooklyn, New York we have more than 60 people working together to make that happen.

In 2009 we started with a small team with a goal to help teachers with an enjoyable and easy to use online teaching platform every day. In the mean time, our team has extended to include various expertises such as pedagogical and didactical experts, academic educationalists, software developers, support agents, marketeers and many more. All with a dedicated passion for education.

Meet the team

Why Internet Education?

We are convinced that the manner in which children learn and teachers teach will change dramatically in the coming decade, thanks to the influence of the Internet. We also believe that this transformation can only be successful if teachers are given a central role in this process. It’s essential they embrace the new Internet technology, yet this will only happen if we introduce solutions that will genuinely help them each and every day in the classroom.

Common Core aligned

Teachers across the United States are aligning their lessons to the Common Core Standards in an effort to increase student achievement in ELA and Math. Most of our activities are aligned to the Common Core Standards Initiative.

Better together

Better together is our motto. As a teacher, you spend time in the classroom all day and you know what could help you the best. By listening carefully to your needs and translating these into solutions, we are continuously developing our product. We know that it can be tricky and time consuming to get to know the ins and outs of the interactive whiteboard. By making it easier to use smartboards, Gynzy helps teachers to get the most out of them.

Our culture

We work hard every day to build a successful Internet Education company. We believe that the best way to be successful is to create a strong company

To achieve this, we live by 5 core values:

  • Happy teachers, happy kids

    In everything we do, we put teachers and kids first!

  • Creating magic together

    We can only be successful when we cooperate as a team!

  • Hard work, good times

    We believe that hard work can and should be fun!

  • Be bold, stay gold

    Have courage, stay true to yourself!

  • Be humble but proud

    We are down to earth but are proud at what we do!

As proud and dedicated Gynzians we live and breathe our core values on a daily basis. They are real to us and help us to create a company culture for all to enjoy.