Gynzy Code of Conduct

Our Commitment to Integrity and Human Rights

At Gynzy, we are dedicated to upholding our core values and global standards for human rights and freedom in all our operations. This commitment extends to our collaboration with hardware manufacturers of Interactive Flat Panel Displays and Interactive Touchscreens.

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Here’s how we safeguard your trust:

1. Adherence to Our Values and Human Rights

We are unwavering in our commitment to our values and the protection of human rights.These principles guide our decisions and actions, ensuring that we conduct business in a way that respects every individual.

2. Safeguarding Our Software

Under no circumstances will Gynzy relinquish control over the source code of our software. This protects our intellectual property and the integrity of the products you rely on.

3. Data Control and Privacy

Gynzy remains the owner of all data generated through our applications, no matter what hardware is used. All data processing is conducted in line with our robust privacy framework and specific processing agreements.

4. Secure Data Transfers

All data transfers are managed through Gynzy servers or those of approved processors. We ensure that your information is handled securely and with the utmost care.

5. Compliance with Local Laws

We strictly follow the regulations and laws set by local governments in all regions where we operate. This ensures that our operations are not only ethical but also legally compliant.

6. Non-Involvement in Geopolitical Issues

Gynzy focuses on its mission to enhance education. We believe in empowering teachers and giving them more time with their students, rather than engaging in geopolitical conflicts.

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Transparent and Understandable Communication

Our Code of Conduct is meant to be clear and accessible, not buried in legal jargon. We want teachers, schools, and districts to easily understand our principles and feel secure when choosing Gynzy. For detailed information on our practices, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Choosing Gynzy means partnering with a company committed to integrity, security, and the betterment of educational environments. We are dedicated to providing technologies that support educators and enrich the learning experience for students, all while safeguarding your data and respecting global ethical standards.

Feel confident in your choice with Gynzy, where education meets innovation and security. For questions, please email us at