Gynzy helps teachers to get the most out of their smart boards.

Free Gynzy Guide: Widgets

A lot of our widgets can be used to help keep your students under control and paying attention. You can use them in conjunction with Gynzy tools and lessons, but also during traditional in-class activities as well. Check out the widgets With this guide, I’ll show you how to add the “Timer” and “Voice Levels” […]

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Free Gynzy Guide: Classroom Floorplanner

The tool we are covering this time is our Classroom Floorplanner, which will help get you organized before school starts! With this resource you can easily plan where all your students will sit and where objects like chairs and filing cabinets will go. 1. After opening the tool for the first time, the “settings” screen […]

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Dealing with Social Media in the Classroom

When cell phones first appeared in the classroom, students could do little more than look at them. It took more than guts to make an actual phone call during class and since that’s all cell phones could do at the time—make or receive phone calls—the problems that existed took place mostly during breaks and lunch. […]

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Frenchtown Elementary School’s students are more engaged using Gynzy’s interactive whiteboard Chrome app

Frenchtown Elementary School was established in 1925 on the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It’s an intimate educational environment with 166 students. Serving grades K-8, the school’s mission is to prepare students to meet the challenges of rapid globalization. The Challenge Frenchtown Elementary adopted interactive whiteboards in the 2011/12 school year. The teachers were […]

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Student working at the smart board.

Integrating Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom

Apps, web sites, gaming, coding, computers, iPad’s; are these the things that come to mind when you hear about technology in the classroom?  The definition of the word according to Merriam-Webster does not limit itself to digital examples; a pencil is a form of technology. The Greek root of the word; techno means skill or […]

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7 Shortcuts to Completing Your Lesson Plan in Record Time

Creating organized and innovative lesson plans is an essential part of every teacher’s job. However, finding the time and the motivation can be difficult when you’re also trying to grade homework, attend meetings, and manage classroom projects. With the help of Gynzy and your interactive whiteboard, you can cut down on the time required to […]

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