Virtual Classroom Software that’s Google-Integrated & Accessible

Prepare & customize lesson plans from wherever you have access to the Internet.

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One advantage of our new HTML5 Gynzy board is that it is easy-to-use and accessible on any Internet-connected device! That means you can customize your own lesson plans and activities from any laptop, desktop, Interactive Whiteboard, or tablet. Gynzy is also available for download on the GSuite Marketplace and the Chromebook App Hub, giving students easy access to Gynzy, the all-in-one virtual classroom software that saves time and engages students. 

All you have to do is create a Gynzy account and you can start browsing our Library!

Partnered with Google for Ease of Use

A huge portion of Internet communications happen through Google. Almost one-fourth of all email opens happen over Gmail, for example, based on this 2019 study. That’s why Gynzy is Google single sign on (SSO) capable, so that users can login with their existing Google account, without having to create yet another username and password combination.

Google Cloud Partner

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Gynzy also makes it easy to import images from Google Drive directly into your lesson plans. Simply click the rainbow Images icon on the bottom of the board and navigate to search and import images from your Google Drive. These images can then be inserted into lessons and saved to your personal image library.

Share with Google Classroom

Sharing your lessons is easier than ever now that you can share Gynzy lessons directly to Google Classroom. Once you’ve created and saved a lesson you want to share, simply click the green icon on the bottom of the board to share your lesson directly with other faculty or students.

Google Classroom

Prepare Your Lesson Plans Ahead of Time

We want to make Gynzy easily accessible for teachers, because we know time is limited and you never know when you’ll have time to polish your lesson plans. With Gynzy, you can prepare for class anywhere you’d like: in the classroom before or after class, while sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday, or even on public transport. 

Our goal is to enable educators to provide students with engaging and interactive lessons that will encourage participation. Gynzy can enrich your curriculum with pictures and video, widgets, and games & activities. It is easy to add, say, a round of hangman onto the end of a lesson about vocabulary.

Gynzy lets you create, customize and enrich lessons with just the touch of a finger, from anywhere, on any device.

Use Gynzy Wherever You Are

The world is more interconnected than ever. You never know when inspiration will strike or when you think of a topic you want to cover in class. With Gynzy, creating and customizing your own lesson plans has never been easier.