The number of apps and educational websites is growing. After two decades in the classroom and serving in the tech specialist role as well, I know how to spot quality.  A valuable educational site engages students, produces learning and saves me valuable time (and money). I am also always on the lookout for…pizazz! Some websites have great content, but they put me to sleep with standard graphics and predictable tools. Gynzy has creativity running through its bones and you just feel like learning after using their tools and lessons. Here are some of the things I like best about this friend to the educational world:

They listen to teachers

They recently held a feedback session in New York where teachers asked for lessons on Ancient History.  Within a week they had plans for ancient history lessons and a timeline tool.

They are on the cutting edge of technology

This team of young programmers is constantly engaging in new ideas.  Check out the new lessons on computer programming on the site.

There’s always something new

I try to keep up with all the new tools and lessons that Gynzy is producing, but no matter how many times I log in, I am always surprised to see something new and valuable that I can use to enhance teaching. I love all the new language tools like the adverb/adjective and prepositional phrase identification tools.  I was delighted by the complex/compound sentence tool as well.

They have fantastic time saving math tools

There are too many to list, but I love the tools that provide plenty of prepared examples I can use at the tip of my fingers.  I love the area, and probability tools, but my favorite is the word problem tool with thought provoking questions for every grade in a one handy place. If I was a sub, I’d subscribe just so I could walk in with content to fit whatever age group I had for the day.

They provide special holiday lessons before I realize I need them

Good teachers want to use every minute to teach something valuable.  Gynzy has already prepared lessons for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other important events, like Pearl Harbor Day.  This is so valuable to the teacher who has a great heart, but is stuck with only a measly twenty-four hours in a day.

They provide built in manipulatives

Over the years I have purchased enough dice, game boards, flash cards and other space taking items to fill ten dumpsters.  With Gynzy, I can pull up the manipulative that I want and it doesn’t cost any extra. There is no storage space needed.  I click to get the kind of dice I want, they kind of chart or background I want and get to work. I love the built in score boards, timers and sticky notes.

They have a reasonable price

Free is always better, but I don’t mind paying for a tool that is worth what it costs. A one year subscription is equal to one trip to the education store for me. When you consider all the things I don’t have to purchase because they are within the site, this is the best bang for my buck.

I would strongly urge everyone in the educational www neighborhood to see what’s going on with Gynzy.