Every year, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 in honor the people who served in the US military. Our Veterans Day lesson plan teaches students about the importance of this holiday and includes activities and discussions to get students thinking about this holiday.

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Why do we call it Veterans Day?

World War 1 lasted for more than four years before the fighting came to an end on November 11, 1918. President Woodrow Wilson declared the first anniversary of this day as Armistice Day, describing it as a day “filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service…”

The end of World War 1 became official with the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed on June 28 1919. Eventually, Armistice Day became a celebration of veterans from both World Wars, and in 1958 President Eisenhower officially changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Discussion Activities

This lesson begins with a KWL chart, which starts by asking students what they already know about Veterans Day, and what they want to learn about it. The final part of the chart, what we learned, will be filled out at the end of the lesson.

Page 6 asks students to make an acrostic poem out of the word veteran, a fun way to get students’ creativity flowing. Then, after briefly explaining what the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard do, students are asked to reflect: what makes a military hero? What can we do to honor the sacrifices veterans made for us?

Once students have thought about that, it’s time to go back to the KWL chart and fill in what you’ve learned!

To end the lesson, students are given a writing prompt: “Write a Thank You letter to a veteran to thank them for their service to this country.” We hope this lesson helps you and your class celebrate and honor the memory of our military men and women on this Veterans Day!