In Gynzy, you can easily bring tools and other interactive elements together to create a fun and engaging lesson for your students.

To give you an example, we’ve created the following first grade math lesson. In the lesson, students learn in an interactive way how to count to 20 and how to measure objects.

This lesson consists of three interactive parts. It starts with measuring figures on the board, the lesson continues with measuring objects in class and lastly, ends with an interactive game.

Measure figures on the board

To create this measuring activity, we used the Snap Cubes tool and combined it with images from the image library. Snap Cubes help reinforce counting, addition and patterning. In the activity, the student drags cubes from the bottom of the interactive whiteboard to the work area.

The cubes will automatically snap when positioned close to each other. Cubes that are connected can be dragged around the screen as a single entity. This gives the student the ability to compare the length of the Snap Cubes to the lengthof an object.

Measure figures in the classroom

The second part of the lesson lets the student measure actual objects they can find in class. In this part of the lesson, we created a printable PDF worksheet and imported it into this lesson.  Students can then walk around the classroom, measure the objects, and record their findings.


Lastly, the learned skills will be reinforced  in a game. Two teams are created, the blue team and the orange team. The integrated ‘ Number Turntable‘ decides which team starts off.  Each team rolls the dice on the interactive whiteboard. The dice helps the student to count.  The number on the dice indicates the amount of snap cubes that the students should drag into the figure. This goes on until the first team reaches 20 snap cubes. The team that reaches the 20 snap cubes first, Wins!

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