I am very passionate about teaching, especially Physical Education.  I want all of my students to have the opportunity to learn about and practice healthy living, including how to stay physically active and eat healthy. I would like to share some of the best experiences that I have had with Gynzy.

The Human body

I especially love the Science Tools. I use the Human Body tool everyday in my class. Each week I choose a Bone-of-the-Week and a Muscle-of-the-Week to teach the students about, and every morning I show the kids something new about both the bone and muscle of the week. The students really like the fact that they can actually see the bones and muscles, and what they look like inside of their body. The students especially like this tool because of its interactive components; they can go to the interactive whiteboard and find out what a specific bone is called and what its functions are, after clicking open the window that points to that particular bone and/or muscle. My students thought that it was the ‘coolest’ thing, that they could see the bones and muscles, and then reveal more information about them. It is also a great tool to review the bones that we learned about the previous week. Together with the paper ‘Word Wall’ I created, with the names of the bones and muscles that I chose to use in the tool, the students have an extra tool that helps them to recall the names of the particular bones and muscles. So my students can see the picture and the word when they have to recall the previous bone. They seem to remember what the previous bone was when they are able to see that actual bone on the screen. I felt that the Human Body tool really helped with the visualization in teaching the bones and muscles, and helped me to make learning the body parts more interactive and fun than was possible before.

Making healthy choices

I also teach our students about making better decisions when it comes to choosing the food we eat. For this, I use the Food Groups activity. As the different food items pop-up, the students have to tell me what food group that particular food belonged to. This tool is particularly helpful to some of my students that might not have past knowledge about what groups certain foods belong to. I am happy to be able to teach them those basic life skills in a fun way.

Other Gynzy Tools and Widgets

I also have students in the morning that wait with me before class, I use a lot of the Gynzy tools then. It really gives the students a head-start before going to their regular class. I dont think I would have ever been able to do this if I didn’t have Gynzy. During this time in the morning, I use some of the Mathematic tools such as ‘Paying with money’ and ‘Telling time’. The language arts activities are also very helpful to offer an effective and fun opportunity for learning before class. I use the Hangman game and Alphabetical order tool to let the students work on their memory and word building skills.The children have liked all of the Gynzy activities and lessons I’ve used, but the Division & Multiplication Tester and the Memory game were their favorites. With Holidays and observances I really like to start the day with the ‘Brain Pop’ activity. This activity offers a video of the day with a really nice explanation about that particular day.

All in all, Gynzy is a wonderful interactive tool that should be used in every possible classroom.