Review Past Lessons with Visual Displays

Use the interactive whiteboard to review important concepts previously covered in class by using short sentences, charts and interesting pictures. An exciting visual display in bright colors combined with oral instruction will engage the attention of students and encourage them to want to learn more about the lesson topic. After calling on individual students to provide answers to the homework questions, the teacher can use the smart board to enter and display the correct answer. Students will receive immediate feedback on whether or not they have answered the homework questions correctly.

Take a Break with a Movie

Students will enjoy watching a video with action scenes and dialogue that will engage their attention and help them understand more about the day’s lesson. Interactive whiteboards are perfect for showing students interesting videos filled with facts, colorful action scenes and engaging information.

Attract Student Attention for Today’s Lesson

Graphic organizers, concept maps and diagrams prominently displayed on smart boards can help students develop critical thinking skills. Symbols help students express their thoughts and opinions about the lesson. Students are more prepared to master important reading and writing concepts through visual aids. The classroom teacher has the capability to demonstrate and explain complicated mathematics problems. These mathematical solutions are stored in the computer’s hard drive for future reference.

Engage the Attention of All Classroom Learners

All children learn differently. Using an interactive whiteboard helps convey the same information in many different ways enabling each child to understand the material presented. For example, tactile learners can touch and write on the smart board. Audio learners can hear recorded lessons. Visual learners can watch the teacher explain solve mathematics problems or use writing prompts to explain language concepts.

Play Educational Games

Students can reinforce educational concepts learned in a fun way with crossword puzzles, mathematical puzzles, clothespin spelling, Jeopardy simulations and other games using the interactive whiteboard. These games and other interactive activities help to make lessons more interesting for students. Students are encouraged to ask questions and work with one another while reinforcing important concepts. This makes the day more enjoyable and interesting for both the teacher and the students.