Many of your students and their families are getting excited for the upcoming Super Bowl, why not direct some of this energy toward a new informative lesson for your whiteboard. Our Super Bowl lesson plan will teach your students a little bit more about America’s largest sporting event, while also helping them hone both their math and language arts skills.

Get your students ready for the big game with our informative new lesson!

This fun new lesson plan is sure to grab the attention of your students! Click here to open this ready to use lesson plan.

1. Facts and Figures

It starts out with some interesting facts and figures about the game itself.

2. Word Problems

Then it goes into a set of word problems that include videos and illustrations.

3. Sorting and Matching

At the end of the lesson students will work on sorting and matching activities with a Super Bowl-theme!

Use this Super Bowl themed lesson plan in your classroom? Click here to open it on your smart board.