We are proud to announce the second Gynzy Activity Contest! When we organized our first Gynzy Activity Contest, fantastic ideas came from teachers all over the US. The 5 activities that won and were made, are still enjoyed by lots of Gynzy fans! See the ideas that won last year here and try those fantastic interactive activities in your classroom.

1. Pick Your Partner

Anna Riddle from Illinois won the first price with her idea for the Pick Your Partner activity
With this tool you can easily divide your students into groups and let your students randomly pick their own partners.

Click here to try this activity. 

2. Probability

Sharon Riddle from Texas founded the Probability tool. This tool helps students understanding the rule to follow for solving the combination problems. 

Click here to open this activity. 

3. Spanish – English

Linda Flores from Florida suggested the Spanish – English activity. An activity your students can use to practice English to Spanish translations or Spanish to English translations. 
Click here to open this activity on your interactive whiteboard.

4. Shape Balance

Andy Adams from Texas submitted his idea to add a Shape Balance tool. Within this activity students determine what each of the given shapes weight to keep the scale balanced.
Click here to use this activity in your Math class.

5. Multiplication Table

Deborah Wilson from Michigan proposed the Multiplication Table as new tool in Gynzy. An activity, your students can practice multiplication tables from 1 to 12 with.

Click here to try out this interactive Math activity.

Contest 2015

Have a great idea for an interactive activity on your Smart Board? Join our exciting contest:

‘Design an interactive activity appropriate for grades K-8, that will help you starting the day, during the day, or ending the day.’  

Design an activity for the IWB and win a Gynzy license for your entire school!

To join the contest, download the Contest Form here. Fill it out and send your design to contest@gynzy.com. We will look at all the ideas we receive and pick the best ones. The best and most complete ideas will be placed on our Feedback Forum where other teachers can vote. The activity with the most votes will win!

Join now and start sending us your ideas! The deadline is February 23rd 2015.