In the next couple of weeks we would like to introduce you to the Gynzy team. This week we introduce you to Wendy.

Meet Wendy: The social media girl at Gynzy

My name is Wendy, I am working on online marketing for Gynzy. This means that I spread content via social media and our blog. My goal is to create conversations via those channels with our Gynzy teachers and learn from their experiences. I specifically love to see the pictures that teachers share of children who use Gynzy in class. It is also great to notice teachers who are talking about Gynzy on their social network pages. I always try to share this information with our followers.  I also really appreciate the valuable feedback teachers share with us. This gives us the opportunity to improve Gynzy as a tool for teachers.

Besides working at Gynzy, I am finalizing my Master’s Thesis in the study of Strategic Marketing. I hope to graduate at the end of August. In my spare time I am a Scout leader for children from 11 till 15 years old. I love to go camping with them and seeing  them grow into little adults. Last summer I went to America to work at a summer camp. It was a great experience to be able to work with those kids and learn about American culture.  I would love to go back!

If you have any interesting topics to discuss or have great pictures to share, let me know on Facebook or Twitter! I look forward to hearing from you!