The new Gynzy board contains many new features that teachers and authors can use to develop lessons even more smoothly, including shortcuts. Certain actions can be performed faster with these shortcut keys.


Via the options button on the toolbar (identified by the three dots), you can open the overview of all shortcuts. But there is also a shortcut for this action. You can easily open the overview with the “?” shortcut key.

Another handy shortcut that is often used is the “F” key. With this shortcut, you can have the board quickly switch between full screen or window mode.

Other shortcuts are:


Button Function
Previous page
Next page
Scroll up
Scroll down

Mode selection

Button Function
Esc Exits current mode
A Arrow
P Pencil
E Eraser
T Text
S Shapes
M Media


Button Function
Del or Delete element
Ctrl + Z or + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z or + Shift + Z Repeat
Ctrl + C or + C Copy
Ctrl + V or + V Paste
Ctrl + A or + A Select all
Ctrl + L or + L Lock
Ctrl + G or + G Group

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