It is now possible to group elements on the new board, so they behave as one single element. In addition, we have added the possibility to select and move written texts. These were suggestions that we regularly heard from our users and included in the development of the new board.

You can treat written texts in the same way as a figure or image. This means that you can select and enlarge, shrink, rotate, lock, and copy each line individually. You can now also select multiple elements at the same time. To do so, just pull a selection frame over them. This way you can move, enlarge, or shrink multiple elements at the same time.Select, group and move

You can also choose to group the elements together and they will behave as one single element. It is always possible to ungroup your elements and create a new group with new elements whenever you like.

blog select group and move 2

Try it out and experience it for yourself!

We welcome your feedback and comments!
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, here are some examples of suggestions that helped the development of the new board:

It would be great to select multiple items at once and group them together as if it were one item. 

Do you have any feedback or ideas? We’d be happy to hear from you!