At Gynzy we think it is important to listen carefully to teachers’ feedback in order to offer the best digital learning experience possible. During the last weeks we used teachers’ feedback to create some great improvements for Gynzy. In this blog we would like introduce you to one of the new features.

Shapes with borders

This week, we would like to introduce to you, the the possibility to create your own shapes with borders.

Why adding shapes with borders?

Some teachers asked for improvements on the shapes feature. One of them was Mrs. Monica, she told us:

“It would be great to add shapes with just a border instead of totally filled shapes.”

Gynzy really appreciates this feedback and agreed that it would be valuable to add this feature.

New possibilities

Teachers have always loved using shapes in their lessons in order to make examples visual. Now, not only do you have access to a variety of shapes and colors, you are also able to give shapes a border with a different color than the rest of the shape and to have transparent shapes with just a border.

This ‘shapes with borders’ feature will help you make your lessons even more fun and interactive. Below are three examples that you can use directly in your classroom.

1. Use the shapes feature in order to create graphic organizers.

Help your students visualize the characters in a story with a story map, have a brain storm with a word spider. Or create a Venn Diagram to visualize overlapping fragments.

2. For the younger students you can use the shapes feature for recreating images.

This will stretch  your students’ insight in shapes, color and figures. Be creative and use the shapes to design your own drawings. See an example image below.

3. With the shapes feature you can design various elements.

For instance in a game for younger students where they have to drag the correct word into the right gap.

How would you use this new shape feature in your lesson? Share it with us in the comments below.

How to add shapes with borders into your lessons

To use this feature, click on the ‘shapes’ icon in the toolbar and pick the shape, color and format you would like to use in your lesson.

You can help improve Gynzy!

If you have more suggestions or improvements for Gynzy, do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a message on our feedback forum!