It is even easier to edit text on the new board. We have done several improvements and added new functions.

Text menu

The ‘text menu’ is fixed to the toolbar. This makes it very easy to edit text whenever you like.



Text edit functions

We have added a few new functions in the text editor, like:

Numbered list
Strikethrough text
Add fractions



There are also a few shortcuts for other text edit functions:

  • CTRL + b → bold
  • CTRL + i → italic
  • CTRL + u → underline

(If you are working with a Mac, use ⌘ instead of the CTRL-buton.)


Select and edit

From now on, you can select texts with the arrow in the same way you can edit all other elements on the board. It is possible to lock text boxes and set them for “Infinite copying”. You can also select one or more text boxes with the arrow and then simply enlarge, shrink or delete those texts. This saves a lot of extra steps, so editing texts is now much smoother.

Try it out and experience it for yourself! You can open the board by clicking on the scribble-button.


We welcome your feedback and comments!

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Here is an example of a suggestion that helped the development of the new board:

Infinite cloner on text

Do you have any feedback or ideas? We’d be happy to hear from you!