Get your students focused on their task by visualizing the available time. You can do this by using the various timers and clocks from Gynzy. These tools can be used both in class and at home. This allows your students to see how long they have time to complete a certain task. Discover in this blog 3 useful tools with which you can do this. 

Completing a task with a lot of distractions around you is very difficult. Help your students to stay concentrated on a task by showing them how much time they have to do it. There are multiple ways to display the time remaining, including visual options that are helpful for younger students who are still learning to read a clock. By understanding how much time is remaining to complete an assignment, students will have a better idea of how they should work to try and complete it.

3 Handy Tools

Gynzy has 3 tools in the library that clearly indicate how much time is left for a certain task. Decide how much time an assignment should take, and display it in a visible location so students know what is expected. In addition to using the tools in the classroom, the clocks and timers are also useful for distance learning. Students can then use their time to concentrate on their exercises, and a sound plays when time is up. It is also possible to place multiple timers and clocks on the IWB.

klokken en timers Gynzy

1. Independent Study Timer

Do you want your students to perform multiple tasks in a specific time frame? Then the independent working clock is very handy! You can then clearly indicate with color how much time can be spent per task, making it easy for students to stay on schedule during class or schoolwork.

Open the Independent Study Timer

2. Timer

This timer clearly shows how much time is left for a certain task. The colored portion of the clock shrinks as time passes, making this timer a good option for young students. The Timer tool can be set for up to one hour and the color displayed can be changed to red or blue.

Open the Timer

3. Hourglass

The hourglass deflates in the time specified in advance. It also shows how many minutes are left to complete a task. When the time has passed, a sound will be heard. The sand drops through the hourglass in real-time, making it a fun option for class discussions and activities. Press play to start the timer, and click the rounded arrow to start it again.

Open the Hourglass


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