Changing times bring changing requirements for our product. To help teachers out in distance education situations and make their life a little easier, we made it possible to share lessons directly from within the board.

Next to sharing with Google Classroom, you can now directly share a public link to any saved lesson. Every lesson from the Gynzy library can be shared this way. To share one of your own beautifully crafted lessons, please save it first to My Lessons or your School or District folder.

To share a lesson, click the sharing button (three dots with a connecting line). Next, you can click Share public link to copy the public link. Public sharing (the switch) is automatically enabled when you copy the link or share it with Google Classroom. The copied link can then be shared to your students (or parents) via email or other digital communication platforms.




NB, Your students or any other receivers of the link don’t need a Gynzy account to access the lesson.