Did you know that Gynzy works as easily in an online conferencing environment like Zoom or Google Meet as it works on the Interactive Whiteboard in front of your class? In the event that students and teachers are forced to stay home because of something like the spread of coronavirus, Gynzy can provide continuity and help avoid disruption for teachers and students. 

In reference to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, Dr. Nancy Messonier of the Centers for Disease Control said that parents should “ask your children’s schools… about plans for teleschool.” If the virus were to seriously affect the United States, schools today have the technology to “allow students to be able to stay home and do the work online.” Is your school prepared to operate if the class can’t physically meet for an extended period of time?

Let Gynzy Enrich Your Teleschool Capabilities

By using an online conferencing app such as Zoom or Google Meet, teachers can share their Gynzy board and lessons online with students. The teacher can present their Gynzy lessons as they normally would, make real-time annotations on the board, and ask students to interact and participate in class discussions. 

Students would log into the online conferencing tool and can follow along on a computer, laptop, or tablet. Teachers could also share their annotated lessons over Google Classroom after the class. In addition, conference apps such as Zoom also allow users to record their sessions so that students can catch up even if they are unable to attend the online lesson.

Teleschooling & E-Learning with Gynzy

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An Online Teaching Software that Teachers & Students Love

Gynzy allows educators to use pre-made lessons, discussion prompts, class activities, and games that can be accessed from anywhere. These lessons can all be customized and enriched with widgets, images, and embedded YouTube videos. Enrich your lessons and activities with interactive multimedia content that students will engage with!

Gynzy makes it easy for teachers to save their lessons into folders, helping you stay organized. The fact that you can grab activities, games, videos, and widgets from our library and insert them into your lesson plans helps save you time and engage your students. Teachers can access their lessons from any Internet-connected device so they can tweak their lessons if the inspiration strikes. 

Browse our Library to get started. Our lessons are created by the educators we work withsee what strategies work for them!

Preparation is Key to E-Learning

Educators have the online teaching tools they need to run class remotely, but for that to be successful, schools need to be prepared. Earlier this year, Rensselaer Central Schools in Indiana shut down their physical premises for two days over an influenza outbreak. 

Luckily, the “district had previously been deploying e-learning” for inclement weather and was prepared to teleschool when the situation called for it. According to Curtis Craig, the superintendent of the schools, if schools are able to “run the kids through some online practice while they’re here at school, it’s much much better.”

It’s important for students to be able to learn and socialize in class no matter what the circumstances. In case there is ever a reason that your school can’t physically meet for a period of time, having familiarity with an engaging online teaching software could be a huge relief (and a lot of fun!). 

Combining Gynzy with a standard teleconferencing solution is an effective and affordable way to accomplish this. And when everything is back to normal, the teacher reverts back to using Gynzy on the classroom’s Interactive Whiteboard without any disruption.

If you have additional questions about how Gynzy can broaden and enrich your teleschooling and e-learning capabilities, we encourage you to contact our Help desk. We are always happy to speak to users about how they can get more out of Gynzy!