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Science allows us to learn more about the many natural phenomena which have always held our attention. Our science lesson plans cover topics such as:

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Learning about Space

Interest in space, other planets, and the stars around us is a universal human experience. Learning about the enormity of space is not only fascinating, it is practical. Consider the way Earth’s rotation causes day and night, or how the phases of the moon affect the tides in the oceans.

The planets in our solar system have long been objects of fascination. When you consider that our sun is a star just like the stars we see in the night sky, your mind reels at the enormity of the universe. These visual and interactive lessons will help your students understand and develop an interest in the mysteries of space.

Extreme Weather Patterns

Unfortunately, another constant throughout human history is extreme weather patterns which can cause significant damage. Our science lessons briefly explain the causes of extreme weather events such as:

Our lessons also include basic advice for staying safe during such events. In general, objectively discussing something like a hurricane or wildfire can help dispel unnecessary fears using facts and reason. 

Four Seasons

On a much lighter note, our Library also contains fun lessons about the changing seasons that students will enjoy. 

Biology & Human Systems

The human body is amazingly complicated and does many things we aren’t even aware of. Like most things, the more you learn about the different systems of the body, the more interesting they become:

All of our lessons are enriched with clear images and engaging activities to illustrate the concepts being discussed.

Types of Habitats

The Earth is home to an amazing variety of habitats which host many different species:

All of these habitats are home to many different animals. Gynzy has lessons about different animal classes including: 

We also offer a memory game involving animal shadows that is a good option for students learning to recognize different animals.

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