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Together we are creating a beautiful collection of instructional videos in Gynzy. Have you already recorded an instruction video? Share it with us, then we can place this video in the instruction lesson.

A suitable instructional video:

  1. Is based off of one of our existing instruction lessons (Math or ELA).
  2. At least discusses the “instruction” part.
  3. Has a length of 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Does not contain images or sounds of students.
  5. Does not contain (disturbing) background noise or music.
  6. Is of sufficient quality (e.g. using Gynzy in full-screen mode).
  7. Avoid class or school specific information.

When we have published your instruction video, you will receive a confirmation. We plan to keep the references to the videos available in Gynzy as long as there are schools that are closed.

Please note: we publish a maximum of 1 instruction video per goal (i.e. one per instruction lesson). Before sharing a video, make sure to check this page to find out what goals we’ve already published videos for.

    Questions about instruction videos?