Become the Gynzy Liaison for your school!

Be the point of contact at your school and receive tips, tricks, and updates of new features by becoming a Gynzy Liaison

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Are you a frequent Gynzy user who wants to help your colleagues become better at using Gynzy? Become the Gynzy Liaison of your school! As the Gynzy Liaison, you’re the contact at your school who is knowledgeable about Gynzy and are interested in what’s coming next. 

If you choose to act as Gynzy Liaison, you’ll collect feedback from your colleagues about Gynzy. We can then work with you to help your school users get more out of Gynzy. Don’t worry if you’re not a Gynzy expert yet—the only requirement is enthusiasm! 

Make Yourself the Gynzy Liaison

Each school can have one Gynzy Liaison. You can select this in Gynzy by going to your profile and selecting “I am the Gynzy Liaison” checkbox.

The Gynzy Liaison is…

  • a teacher who works at a school with Gynzy or wants to start using Gynzy at their school.
  • a contact who has knowledge about how teachers use Gynzy at their school.
  • the individual who contacts Gynzy to keep us up to date on the ideas, feedback and suggestions at your school.
  • the first to be informed about new tools and developments in Gynzy.
  • interested in what Gynzy has to offer and interested in receiving tips and tricks on how to implement new tools and developments.

Receive a badge and certificate 

At the end of the school year, the active Gynzy Liaison receives a Gynzy Liaison Badge and certificate! Show that you’ve enriched your Gynzy knowledge and have helped your colleagues get the best out of Gynzy by becoming a Gynzy Liaison!

Help teachers add their students

One of the first things teachers at your school will want to do is add students from their class(es) so that they can use them in different tools, such as the customizable seating chart. Educators can also import students from Google Classroom

You can also help them collaborate with one another, including by sharing lessons and organizing lessons into folders. If they have other questions, they can visit our help center for more articles. They can also view our video tutorials to learn more about basic features in Gynzy.