Teachers love their smart boards, and many wonder how they ever taught without it. But why? Here are some reasons teachers cited to explain why they’re hooked on their smart boards.

“It’s Like Traveling into the Future”

A former colleague of mine who’s been teaching for over 40 years says she’s fascinated by how well the students adapt to new technology. She says it’s like a language they all understand, and finally she’s been transported into the future and can meet them there.

“It Brings the Curriculum Alive”

A kindergarten teacher raves that her IWB allows her to reach even the most reluctant student in her class. The differentiated activities engage 100% of her students.

“All Students’ Needs Are Met”

The learning support teacher likes how her IWB helps her to meet the needs of all of her students, especially those with special needs. She says that she has access to countless activities that match her students’ needs.

“It Puts Students in Control of Their Own Learning”

A sixth grade language arts teacher says that because they can work collaboratively, students can instruct themselves and each other. They have more choice about the kinds of activities they can do to interact with the content, and they take more responsibility for and pride in their work.

“It Makes Learning More Relevant”

One of the fifth grade teachers remarked that the smart board makes it possible for the students to connect what they’re learning to the real world through websites.

“Finally No More Chalk Dust on My Hands”

A third grade teacher jokes that she no longer has to deal with chalk on her hands or smudges from dry erase markers on her clothes. But she adds that she once had an asthmatic student in her class who was bothered by the chalk dust, and now this wouldn’t be a problem.

“Kids Become a Part of the Lesson”

A fourth grade teacher notes that she loves how her students now participate in her lessons instead of simply being passive recipients of information. She says that they are sometimes at the edge of their seats waiting for their turn to come up to the smart board.

“I’m More Passionate About Teaching”

A second grade teacher says that she is so excited about the capabilities of her smart board that it’s made her more passionate about teaching. Her students, in turn, are more passionate about learning.

Why do you think that smart boards are more tempting than a Cinnabon for smart teachers?