You see QR codes everywhere: in magazines, at restaurants, and in museums. When scanned, they typically lead to a website or video. QR-codes are helpful in the classroom because students can scan them with their own devices. With the new QR code generator from Gynzy, you can easily make and add QR-codes to enrich your own lessons or link to prepared work.

What can you do with this tool?

The letters QR stand for Quick Response. A QR code is a type of barcode built using small blocks. The QR-code contains information, often a URL to a website or video. By scanning the QR-code you can quickly access information without having to use your browser or type in a URL. Most modern devices with a camera, like iPads, can recognize QR-codes and take you right to your web browser.

How does it work?

By clicking the gear in the bottom left of the tool itself you open the settings. Here you can enter a URL or other text. You can also choose to change the color of the QR code. You now have a QR code on the interactive whiteboard that students can scan with the camera on their own devices.


The QR-code generator supports the input of a URL or plain text. By adding a URL you invite students to open a website or video on their own device, like an instructional video, a story, or a website with more information to enrich learning on a particular topic. By adding plain text, you can leave a (hidden) message to students, give the answer to a challenge question, or provide a challenge question for students who are ready to move to the next step.

By placing the QR-code on the interactive whiteboard, you can enlarge the QR-code, which means it can be scanned from all locations in the classroom. You can even make a QR-code of a public link of a Gynzy lesson. 

Here are a few examples of classroom application of the QR-codes:

Make a discovery board

QR codes are exciting because you never know what’s on the other side! Use this tool to surprise students or challenge them to make discoveries. An example of this is a Discovery board, in which a full screen image has a selection of QR-codes with specific information, like this discovery board about the solar system.

Support student learning

Some interactive whiteboard tools are also great tools for student use on their devices, like the customizable dice roller. To show how you could create a ‘dashboard’ for students to easily access tools and materials, this tool reference slide contains QR cards that contain the public-links for each tool pictured. Each lesson contains the tool that immediately opens when the student scans the QR-code. You can print, laminate, and cut out these QR-code cards to hand out to students in class when they can use the tool to support their learning.

Extra video material

Add a link to a video that students can open and view on their own devices, such as a close-up view of Petra in Jordan, as linked from our popular Photo of the Day lesson.

The QR code generator is just the latest resource we have on our Library to help make teachers’ jobs easier and keep students more engaged. Between our online whiteboard and Library of more than 1,500 standards-aligned lessons, learning games, class management tools, and more, Gynzy saves educators time and helps keeps students engaged – the only limit is your creativity! To get started today, create an account.